Our fees are uncomplicated, clear, and transparent: Our fee is a percentage of the value of the assets we manage. That’s it.

Fees raise all sorts of conflicts in the investment industry. Our competitive advisory fee is based on portfolio size and asset allocation, and we absorb all charges assessed by the third-party custodian we use to keep custody of your assets. We believe this fee structure puts our clients’ interests first.

In our view, our advisory fees can be lower than other firms. The reason is many financial service firms charge commissions on products in addition to management fees. Some commissions can reach 8% to 10%. The products can have high internal fees that are hard to understand, and are usually hidden deep within a large prospectus of legalese. In our opinion, this creates a conflict of interest and potentially clouded advice. Financial professionals may be tempted to sell products that will pay them more, when more affordable alternatives exist for you.

We believe our fee structure aligns our clients’ interests with ours. Our interests are mutual: we want to grow your assets – and so do you. We are always open to have an in-depth discussion on other fee options in the industry and why we view our structure as superior. Topics could include performance- based fees, commissions-based fees, the use of AI and associated fees, as well as deep discount do-it- yourself-type fees.

Each of these has their proponent. However, we believe that simple, clear, and transparent white glove service that is always in your best interest wins the discussion.