Retirement Planning

The most important strategy you will develop

Retirement is a big deal. Getting ready for it can be complicated. Creating and implementing effective retirement plans is a service we have been actively engaged in for decades. A plan enables you to begin navigating this new era of your life with deeper assurance. We can help you get it set up.

Our Advice; Your Goals

A distribution from your employer-sponsored retirement plan may be the largest amount of money you will have received at one time. Many plans require you to decide how that money will be distributed—a task which many of our clients find they need help with.

After thoroughly analyzing your available options, we work to identify the best course of action for your situation. Our retirement review includes an asset allocation review, an IRA review, a Roth IRA analysis (including possible conversions), income projections, a portfolio analysis, a net worth statement, and a personal web site that includes aggregation and an executive summary of your financial situation.

We believe that every client’s retirement plan needs to be customized to their unique goals, preferences and circumstances. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. It’s easy to find recommendations on how to plan for retirement. However, figuring out what will work best for you is less simple. When you choose Bāzis Private Wealth, you can be confident your retirement plan was designed just for you.

Key Questions About Your Retirement Plan

As you begin working with us, we will strive to understand your unique risk profile, financial circumstances and retirement goals. We encourage you to think about the following key questions on retirement:

  • What does retirement look like for me?
  • When do I expect to retire? How long will I need my money to last?
  • What risk am I willing to bear? Which assets fit that risk profile?

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Planning for your retirement isn’t easy. However, you can get yourself on the right track for a successful retirement with advice from Bāzis Private Wealth,LLC. Contact us today to learn more. 

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