Professional Portfolio Management Services

Personalized plans tailored to your long-term financial goals

Buying and selling assets is one thing—helping you achieve your financial goals in another. Anyone can buy and sell—we manage money. Our clients come to us not just for the personalized approach we take in managing their portfolios; they come to us because we are good at what we do, and we put their financial interests ahead of our own.

We Make Portfolio Management Personal

Every client has unique needs and goals. At Bāzis Private Wealth, we apply a portfolio management philosophy which enables us to reach those objectives in a personalized way.

  1. Learning About You: We’ll talk with you to understand your risk profile, tax situation and investment horizon.
  2. Analyzing Your Portfolio: Then we will carefully examine your current portfolio to identify how closely it matches your goals and needs.
  3. Recommending a Strategy: Using our research, we will recommend changes to your portfolio based on our asset allocation strategy.
  4. Implement the Strategy: Our team will work to implement the agreed-upon strategy using a combination of stocks, bonds, cash, and strategy equity positions.
  5. Maintain Your Portfolio: As you continue to work with us, we will adjust your portfolio to match changes in your goals and situation.

Rebalancing Portfolio 

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